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Feel the thrill of adventure activities in a unique environment such as Salta and surroundings. A proposal that combines the adrenaline of Tourism with the cultural and historical richness of the Humahuaca Gorge, listed as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.


07-05-2009 / 22-05-2024
€ 1.200


Day 01 - Arrival in Buenos Aires | Tango
Arrival at Ezeiza International Airport at the scheduled time. Reception and transfer to Hotel. 4 * Accommodation for 1 night with breakfast. Rest of the day off.
Day 02 - Salta | City tour
Breakfast. At the indicated time, transfer to the local airport to take flight to Salta. Arrival, reception and transfer to the hotel. Accommodation for 1 night with breakfast.
We visit Salta’s historical center, its churches, museums and monuments, while delighting in the city’s typical Spanish architecture and its calm personality. Going up to San Bernardo Hill, we have a great view of the entire Lerma Valley. Later, we drive to San Lorenzo, a summer village with a humid but mild weather and subtropical vegetation, ideal for walking!
Day 04 – Salta | Round to the Calchaqui Valley with trekking | Cafayate
Depart from the hotel in Salta, heading south. Today we will visit: Quebrada de los Laureles, Quebrada del Escoipe, Cuesta del Obispo, Valle Encantado, Piedra del Molino (3.430 mts, Recta del “TIN TIN", Parque Nacional los Cardones, Nevado de Cachi, Payogasta, Cachi, Ruta 40, Río Calchaquí, Seclantás, Molinos, Quebrada de las Flechas, San Carlos and arrival to Cafayate. Accommodation 4* for 1 night with breakfast.
Day 05 – Cafayate | Wine Cellars | Salta
Visit to vineyards and goat cheese factories. Quebrada de las Conchas, Garganta del Diablo, Anfiteatro, Yesera, Sapo, Obelisco, los Castillos (impressive multicolor formations created by the erosiono of wind and water) Alemania, Coronel Moldes, Valle de Lerma, el Carril, Cerrillos and arrival to Salta. Accommodation 4* for 1 night with breakfast.
Day 06 – Salta
Breakfast at the hotel. Free day
Day 07 – Salta | Trip to the Clouds | Purmamarca
We travel in the same direction as the famous Train to the Clouds, zigzagging on lonely roads between the blue sky and the Puna. On our way, we visit magnificent ruins, scattered houses, small villages and amazing landscapes.
OK, we have to start early because it’s going to be a long day. That’s why we leave Salta at 7:00 am and quickly reach the small town of Campo Quijano and later the impressive Quebrada del Toro, where we stop for a coffee break. Soon we leave behind the vegetation and start to be better acquainted with the solitary Puna. In Santa Rosa de Tastil, a pre-Inca city of the XIII century, we do archeological hiking. Later, we reach San Antonio de los Cobres, a small miners’ town rich in tradition.
Farther ahead, a desert plateau will take us to the surreal landscape of the salt plains, where we stop again to walk around and enjoy the contrasts.
In the afternoon, we return through the overwhelming Cuesta de Lipan and arrive at the Seven-color Hill in Purmamarca, a landmark on its own.. Accommodation 4* for 1 night with breakfast.
Day 08 – Purmamarca | Humahuaca Gorge | Salta
Towns and relics of ancient cultures, superb mountains and the feeling of being in timeless places are the exquisite elements of this trip through the Humahuaca Gorge.
The small towns of Tumbaya, Purmamarca, Maimará and Tilcara open up their ancient charm to our captivated eyes. In Purmamarca, we stop to see the famous Seven-color hill, in Tilcara, we visit the Pucará (fortress) and the Archeological Museum, while in Uquía we stop to admire the local church. But it’s in Humahuaca where we revel in the extremely peaceful atmosphere, the typical colonial architecture and the charming people. In our way back we also visit San Salvador de Jujuy to get to know its monuments and intriguing legends. Let the history behind the walls and stones of these places take you on a ride to the Argentinean past!
Day 09 – Salta | Buenos Aires
Breakfast at the hotel. At the indicated time transfer to the local airport to take flight back to Buenos Aires. Arrival, reception and transfer to the hotel. Accommodation 4* for 4 nights with breakfast.
Day 10 – Buenos Aires | Fiesta Gaucha
Breakfast at the hotel. Pick up at the hotel to enjoy a full day at a typical Argentinean ranch.
This excursion allows the visitor to appreciate the authentic gaucho skills with horses, and enjoy a typical lunch in their own environment.
Day 11 - Buenos Aires | City tour
Breakfast at the hotel. Our city tour is an invitation to see Buenos Aires through different perspective, in a non-traditional way.
A city tour that will make you discover its spirit, its mystique, its charm.
A journey through time that will make you relive the past in a unique and unforgettable manner.
Throughout the tour you will enjoy an audiovisual experience that will make you relive history.
Prior to each stop, the bus will turn into a micro-cinema and you will see a series of 5-minute video clips. There, you will see Evita speaking to the crowd from the Casa Rosada, or the Argentines celebrating the return of democracy
Day 12 – Buenos Aires | Tigre
Breakfast at the hotel. Our Tigre proposal river is for you to discover the people and the particular way of life between rivers and channels.
You will be able to approach the unique ecosystem in his kind, only 30 minutes of Buenos Aires.
Before every descent, the bus transforms in a cinema in which there are projected video clips of approximately 4 minutes. You will recall with images in 3D facts that might have
changed the history Argentina: today our language might be English and not dancers of tango
You will know the secrets of one of the places chosen by the sea aristocracy as place of vacations at the end of the 19th century, the houses and the palaces
And you will enter a world with streets … of water.
Lunch is served at Villa Ocampo. A 19th century mythical residence were an unique cultural project is taking place. We will have lunch and discover Victoria Ocampo’s history (listed by UNESCO as World Heritage)
Day 13 – Buenos Aires | International Destination
Breakfast at the hotel. At the indicated time transfer in private Vehicle to Ezeiza International Airport to take flight home.


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