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Active tourism in Argentina


Active tourism is one of the most popular and most requested activities world wide. We find in Argentina and Chile one of the most interesting areas for the practice of adventure sports and activities, as well as cultural routes, National Parks and discovery trips on our amazing National Route N° 40, which crosses our country from north to south with more than 5000 Km long. offers to tour operators and travelers who love this kind of activities, the possibility to visit these unique destinations inside our country and in our neighboring ones. These activities can be combined with the best gourmet recipes in each region and the best wines of both countries.


Argentina has 5 different regions prepared for this kind of tourism:

Located at the extreme northeast of our country, dominated mainly by marsh and wetlands, swamps and rivers, has a unique diversity in flora and fauna in our territory.
It’s crossed entirely by one of the main rivers in our country: Parana River. This and other smaller rivers are ideal for the fishing of big species such as Surubi and Dorado.
The main centers in this region are Iguazu National Park and the Ibera Marshlands were options for Active Tourism include: Safaris in 4WD vehicles, bird watching, trekking, or feel the adrenaline in a canopy circuit. Boat trips in the marshlands are really unique, and for those who love horseback riding this is one of the most beautiful places.


In this rich area of precolombian history and culture, crossed by mountains, we find an ideal environment for the adventure excursions. Rafting at Juramento and Bermejo River in Salta, Off Road trips through Salt flats, accommodation in the mountains, trekking through the highlands, and horseback riding are just some of the activities that can be practiced in this area.
Salta is the main city of the region, and is usually used as base for visiting the entire area. Close by we find great rivers for rafting, a huge canopy circuit, mountain bike paths, and ideal places for paragliding.
All along Jujuy province crosses the Humahuaca Gorge, listed by UNESCO as World Heritage: an ideal place for those who love history and culture.


Located at the center west of the country, and having as Mendoza as the main city of the area, is one of the best places for enjoying adventure activities. It has unique landscapes for this activities and counts with really plentiful rivers for the practice of kayak and rafting.
An hour and a half away to the west of Mendoza city, we find Potrerillos, the best area for trekking, horseback riding, rappel, canopy and a grade III river on Mendoza River for rafting.
In this region we find Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak in the western hemisphere; specialized trekking tours are available here during summer season.
North from Mendoza city we find Talampaya NP and the famous Valley of the Moon, both listed as World Heritage by UNESCO. These places are ideal for trekking and safaris in 4WD vehicles.


It’s the biggest region in Argentina, and shares a huge extension in the Andes Range with the Chilean Patagonia. The huge size of the area allows a division in the territory in 2 according to the activities that can be practiced: Atlantic, and Andes Range.
Atlantic Coast: one of the main activities here is the sea fishing of big species. It’s also one of the best places for the practice of ecotourism. At Valdes Peninsula, and surrounding areas, we find whales, sea birds and penguins in their natural environment. Ushuaia, as the end of the world is another of these ideal places for sightseeing and bird watching.
Andes Range Area: Ideal for the lovers of fly fishing, having endless melt water rivers and lakes than are located at the slope of the Andes. This fishing options are combined with stays at first class lodges, prepared for the most demanding visitors. Tierra del Fuego province is considered as one of the best brown trout fishing areas in the world.
On the slope of the Andes, in the Lake District, with Bariloche as head of this area, is the best place in Patagonia for adventure travelling during summer season: rafting, kayak, canopy, paragliding are some of the activities that can be practiced.


Region located at the center east of the country, with the Atlantic Ocean as one of the limits, counts with Buenos Aires, as the gateway of Argentina, and main destination.
At the coast, we find excellent places for the practice of surf, Wind Surfing, Sand Board and boat fishing.
La Pampa province is known as the Gaucho Area and it’s an endless plain with a huge numbers of ranches with excellent comfort and an endless list for outdoor activities.


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