Argentina offers endless possibilities for those who enjoy fishing. Thanks to the large extension of the territory and varied weather conditions, we have fishing of the greatest quality with various fish and techniques. Among the different fishes found, the most important are “dorado”, “surubi”, shark, brown trout, and rainbow trout. Fishing is best appreciated in the Patagonian region offering countless spots to combine fly-fishing within incredible landscapes, vast virgin lands in which to choose the desired place to fish. Deep huge forests are home to native birds and animals, which creates an amazing locale for enjoying this sport. Be surprised by the immensity of the Atlantic coast, just in front of the Patagonian desert, or navigate the rivers of Litoral area in search of your favorite fish! Fishing tours are generally combined with overnight stays in rustic lodges offering complete services, personalized attention, and fine gourmet options with the possibility of tasting excellent national wines and local specialties. Fishing in Argentina with our expert guides is simply a unique experience. You pick the weather, the destination and your favorite fish, we handle everything else!

Available destinations for fishing:

Costa Atlántica



This area, located at the northeast of the territory, is one of the finest when discussing fishing. Here, we find two of the most aggressive and biggest fish, a challenge for anyone who loves this sport: the great “dorado”, also known as the Tiger of the Rivers, and “surubi”. Each year, fishermen from the whole country gather to participate at the National Dorado Festival as well as the National Surubi Festival. Corrientes, Misiones and Entre Rios provinces have two important rivers: the Parana and the Uruguay. Trolling, spinning and fly-fishing options are available. Species that can be found here other than “dorado” and “surubi” are “tararira”, “piranha”, butterfish, and sweet water ray, among others.


This region is considered a paradise for those who love fly-fishing, and one of the best places in the world for trout and salmon. Fishing here amid the amazing natural background, with mountains, green forests and vast plains typical of the Argentinian Patagonia is the very epitome of the sport. Fishing in this locale can be combined with accommodation inside fishing areas, or in lodges where travelers may enjoy first-class cooking and other services, all surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. In these spots, fishers may also try other adventures such as horseback riding, trekking, mountain biking, etc. Rio Grande River, in Tierra del Fuego province, is famous for the size of the trout that can be taken as well as for being one of the few places where to find the famous “steelhead”.


Costa Atlántica

Mar del Plata: Discover one of the finest and most complete sea-fishing destinations worldwide, enjoying this beautiful coastal city and its surroundings. Countless sorts of fish and various fishing methods can be practiced here. Some of the main species are: shark, salmon, grouper, lemon fish, anchovy, “bonito”, silverside fish, and others. Because of this huge variety, fishing tours are usually organized according to the number of fishing days desired, along with the fishing style preferred.
Deep-sea fishing:
Deep-sea fishing allows fighting the huge salmon and grouper up to 20 kg. Near Mar del Plata city are banks where fishing is possible all year long.
The most interesting targets for this fishing method are the 5 different types of shark, of which the Scalandrum is the most important.



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