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Within the last few decades, countries located in the southern hemisphere have become larger, emerging wine producers. Argentina, located in the west, is the most important. The rich soil, the differing and excellent weather conditions, as well as great water availability, create ideal factors for producing fine, world class wines. One of the best quality grapevines and of major performance is the Malbec, our Queen, considered the best of its kind worldwide. But Malbec is not the only wine here; there are also great Cabernet Sauvignons, Merlots (very much developed in recent years), Syrah, Pinot Noir, and many other red and white wines. The principal wine-growing regions are Cuyo and the North region, but vineyards can be found in the whole territory, expanding quickly into the Patagonian Region. The foremost developed center is Mendoza province, the National Capital of Vintage, with the largest event related to this. Due to the expansion of our country and the fast growth of specialized tourism, visitors interested can choose today among many varied options and destinations all year long, to enjoy, feel, and have a taste of the amazing wine culture in Argentina.

Paralelo 54 Wine Experience offers classic and premium programs for visiting the best Wineries of Salta and Mendoza. We offer visits with small groups and with specialized guides, so the visitor can benefit with a private and exclusive trip all year long of the year. Visitors will be able to enjoy wine tasting, to know the best wineries in each area, to appreciate the prettiest landscapes, to enjoy Argentina’s typical meals, and to combine it with cultural activities and adventure.









Wine regions


North Region

A wine industry area located at the extreme northwest of the territory, located between south latitude 22° and 29°, primarily in the provinces of Salta, Catamarca and La Rioja. The vineyards here extend mostly through the big valleys, the important ones being in Cafayate in Salta, Tinogasta in Catamarca and Chilecito in La Rioja possess high altitudes and temperatures which are ideal for growing grapes. The center of all is Cafayate, close to the magnificent Calchaqui Valley. Internationally renowned for their excellent quality, these wines are cultivated at the highest vineyards worldwide, i.e. at some 1660 meters above sea level, characterized by great personality, intense color and strong presence.







Cuyo Region

The primary wine production area of our territory, extends from San Juan to Mendoza province. It may not have been the first place to establish vineyards, but it is today the leader, both in production and in quality. The land and the weather conditions here are ideal, as are the water with which the wine yards are irrigated. Also centered in this region are the caves with the biggest production. The main grapevine is Malbec, of which Mendoza boasts the best of its kind worldwide. Historic and important areas in Mendoza province are Lujan, Uco Valley, Chacras of Coria and San Rafael, and in San Juan province we find the Tulum Valley.







Patagonia Region

A region in south latitude below 39°, Rio Negro valley being the main production area. It is a huge valley which begins in the Andes and opens towards the Atlantic Ocean, a unique place for cultivation being one of the southernmost worldwide. Wine production here is a rather new activity, but during these last decades, there have been large investments and explorations, increasing the fame of these wines.


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