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The following section is dedicated exclusively to wing shooting, only during hunting season. This kind of activity will be traded by as a sport activity, and will be practiced only in the authorized places by RENAR (National Registry of Weapons).
This services will be only provided under established parameters, and respecting the current laws .

Sports hunt

Argentina’s territory is one of the richest ecosystems in the world, provided with native and exotic species, introduced one century ago by the big landlords that used to own big fields in our country. Due to the geography and diversity of the weather conditions, hunting options in Argentina are available all year long, but every species has its own hunting season. Big and small game options offer indescribable emotions when combined with the great landscapes where hunted. The low population density and the large extension of the territory create a unique feature: availability for vast and virgin lands, appropriate for the practice of the different ways to hunt. Some of the big game trophies available in our tour options include: red deer, wild boar, cougar, axis deer, water buffalo, black antelope, wild goat, mouflon, “carpinchos”, among others. This type of hunting is usually practiced in bush and mountain areas, and in big mounts. Among the small game options we find 7 different duck types, goose, partridge, pigeon, foxes and hare mainly. These options are practiced in the plains of Buenos Aires and La Pampa provinces.


Small game - Wingshunting
Argentina is a really good option for those who like hunting birds. Among them we have: 7 different duck types, partridge, pigeon and dove. Cordoba and Santiago del Estero provinces are well known for housing a population of 50 million pigeons approximately, that feed in the first hours of the morning and in the afternoon, time in which movement is essential, and the hunter has the opportunity to place in position for shooting. Usually the birds are inside the crops and small mounts, where they nest and feed from the corn, wheat and soy. In a normal day, a hunter can shoot not less than 1500 rounds, and sometimes this figure can grow up to 4000. There is no daily limit for the hunt, because this species are considered national plague, and they cause huge problems between the producers. Santa Fe and Corrientes are the provinces where we find the mayor duck concentration. Both provinces host big rivers, streams and wetlands where ducks rest while they continue their path for feeding in the rice fields. The daily limit is up to 50 pieces, being this more than plenty for having fun!!





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