The white continent

Antartica, considered the sixth continent, is located 1000 km south from the coasts and islands of Tierra del Fuego Province (Argentina), has become a unique and accessible attraction for those travellers that only dreamed about this place.

Between November and March the cruises and scientist ships depart to Antartica with itineraries between 9 and 15 days long, allowing the adventurers to enjoy this far away and isolated place from the rest of the World.

These cruises depart from Ushuaia city, the southernmost city in the World, and after 3 days of sailing, reach the Antartica Peninsula. This amazing expedition will allow the passengers to explore huge penguin rockeries and watch whales, sea lions, sea wolfs, birds and a big variety and unique sea fauna.

95 % of Antartica is covered by an ice cape that represents the largest sweet water reserve in the World. It has 14.000.000 square kilometres of white surface, with an average altitude of 2500 metres above sea level, making Antartica, the highest continent of the world.

This amazing adventure can be combined with some nights at Ushuaia city, in hotels with the best comfort, where you can appreciate the spectacular scenery that The Andes Range offers, the mythic Beagle Channel and the Tierra del Fuego National Park.


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