Charming Accomodation

Charming Accomodation...

This section is dedicated for those who look for a different experience when they book or ask for accommodation.
Here, you will find options of accommodation in the vineyards, with golf courses, accommodation surrounded by lakes and rivers ideal for practicing fly fishing, and many other more. Options for those who are looking for a specific activity and that are available for them, and their entire family, who find in these places not just unique service, but options for everyone’s taste.
The majority of the accommodations listed here can be grouped by a special theme or feature, but all of them share some common characteristics such as:
- Extremely beautiful natural environment
- Personalized services
- Few rooms (allowing the guests to enjoy the place almost exclusively)
- Outdoor activities for the entire family
- Low impact on the environment


This type or kind of accommodation is a global new tendency and really demanding one, and we believe is becoming one of the most important aspects for a trip, when it comes on booking an alternative.
You will find as well different options of tours planned with this type of accommodation so you can choose the one that fits your needs and desires.

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